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The Mini-Oven 05 for Reballing handles a diverse range of BGAs, QFNs and CSPs. The highly efficient hybrid heating technology heats electronic components similar to a standard reflow oven:  gently and simultaneously from all sides, ensuring process repeatability with high yields


Profiles are easily generated using the system’s auto profile software and external thermocouple for real-time product temperature feedback.  EASYBEAM Windows-based software enables profile management and back-up, preserving valuable process development.  The MiniOven 05 supports inert atmospheres such as nitrogen and utilizes an advanced gas distribution system, providing an inert blanket to displace oxygen. 

Extensive selection of interchangeable frames and adjustable masks / stencils. Whether it's a small I/O device, to one with hundreds or thousands of spheres, the Mini Oven for Reball handles the task.

Rapid Technology profiles heat at the highest advisable ramp rates within a safe temperature zone.